Announcing Grosvenor Square
A novel by Katherine Ann Meyer

Available now, wherever fine books are sold

Advance praise for Grosvenor Square:

"Seamlessly blending 19th-century history with captivating storytelling, Katherine Ann Meyer has created an engaging story written with vivid detail and authenticity. Grosvenor Square will take you on a memorable journey. You won't want to put it down."

founder of The Procrastinating Writers Blog

"Katherine Ann Meyer has taken us back to the Victorian 'Gilded Age', as Mark Twain called it. With a deft hand, she has recreated the societal and familial roles such a time demanded. I was completely enthralled by the Hathaway family and, as Meyer peels back the layers, intrigued as their inner tensions are revealed. Written in the style of Jane Austen, Meyer brings to life an earlier, more formal age, and she does it accurately, with panache."

author of What You Long For and At the Mercy of the Queen

"Katherine Ann Meyer writes with an excellence and elegance that keeps you wanting more. A compelling read!"

author of the Aristide Ravel Mysteries

"Grosvenor Square gave me a tender look into the social mores of the Victorian era. The characters are well-built, and Meyer captures their struggles in depth. I was sad to see the last page. I could have read more!"

author of the Eyes of Garnet trilogy
and Despite Them: A Gregor Macgregor Adventure

"Katherine Meyer's Grosvenor Square is sure to take readers on an unforgettable journey as it transports them back to 19th-century London with its intriguing story that flows with ease and grace."

Hazel Koch Professor of English, Rockford College